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Enlisting your business with numerous business directories can be detrimental. When people finding your name and logo is almost at all directories, it creates an impression that you are spamming. Thus, you have to be careful with directory listings. It is wise that you limit your exposure to those which are credible, have high traffic, and are relevant to your site. It is a natural tendency for business people to exploit everything that is free.

You have to prioritize your free advertising strategies to get the most out of it and avoid being labeled as a spammer. Here are top three choices for you to consider with regard to free advertising.

Google Maps

It is a special feature from Google that enables online citizens to locate those that interest them very much. The invasion of gadgets with Google maps applications has made it easy for people to locate business and personal addresses and locations. So far, only a few numbers of people are informed that they can advertise for free at Google Maps. Here’s how;

  • Gather complete details of your business such as physical and email addresses, contact numbers, and persons, company logo, and brief descriptions about the company, products, and services.
  • Go to Google Maps and see if your company is not yet listed. When done, add/ edit your company and follow the procedure of enlisting. Verify after several days or week to ensure that you are already listed.

Really, there is no need to be enlisted in all directories to get free advertisements. What you can do is to look for directories, sites, and pages that are relevant to your business. Remeber, submit your site today for approval process.

Major Directory Categories

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Other free advertising methods


The power of social networking when it comes to free advertising is already documented. Thus, each day more and more brands are launching their own fan or brand pages with Facebook. One of the most recommended strategies with regards to Facebook when it comes to free advertising is maximizing tools and applications. Here are some useful tools for free advertising with Facebook.

  • When you want to update your fans and customers, use Social RSS.
  • When you want to create exclusive promotions to engage your fans, then Easy Promo is for you.
  • When you want to share your profile files and impart more knowledge to your fans, SlideShare is the key factor.
  • When you want to publish every updates with other social networks such as Twitter, then you use
  • When you want to know general consensus of your fans and customers, the Survey application is ideal for you.


At present, the site is not really the place to be when you want to search for business. However, the listing is wide and is very credible. In addition, the site continuously upgrades its features. Right now, users can share promotional announcement, share news articles and blogs, jobs and ads. LinkedIn has become very important considering that people will tend to browse both personal and professional profiles. All you have to do is to sign up.

Learn how to take advantage of free adveritsing resources can save your company's promotional budget in a long run.

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